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Basic Steel Home package comes with following items.
1) 8" x 12 Ga. Red iron Columns for exterior walls as per engineering design.
2) 8" x 12 Ga. Red iron Rafters as per engineering design.
3) 8" x 12 Ga. Red iron Ceiling beams / 10”x12 Ga. Red iron Floor beams (Second floor) as per engineering design.
4) 4" x 16 Ga. / 8" x 16 Ga. Red iron Stub columns as per engineering design.
5) "C" 8" x 16 Ga. / "Z" 8" ”x 16 Ga. Red iron floor joists for second floor, as per engineering design.
6) 2-1/2" roof purlins 16 Ga. / 18 Ga. As per engineering design.
7 & 8) Light Ga. Steel sub facia for overhang & soffit framing.
9) 1-1/2" x 20 Ga. Ceiling furring.
10) 8", 6" & 3-5/8" - 20 Ga. Light ga.steel studs for exterior, interior & plumbing walls.
11) Light Ga. Steel tracks for exterior, interior & Plumbing walls.
12) Fastners: Connection bolts for Red iron members, proper fastners for roof purlins, ceiling furrings, sub facia framing, exterior walls, interior walls & plumbing walls framing, exterior wall sheathing, roof sheathing & floor decking.
12) Steel Home Kit with (3) three sets of construction drawings including Anchor Bolt Layout / Details to the scale (22" x 34" sheet size).
  Additional / Optional Services.   
1) First floor system over basement / crawl space concrete wall.
2) Walkout basement, red iron dormers, Scissor frames for vaulted ceilings as per engineering design.
3) As our steel homes are designed by professional engineers, Sealed drawings & design calculations will be provided with extra cost for more than 15 states in US including California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, New York, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas & Iowa.