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Light Gauge Steel Houses

Today there is a wide use of light gauge steel in residential and commercial buildings, which is replacing the wooden studs used in framing. Additionally, if we look at wood and steel from costs perspective then they both cost more or less the same. Not using wood as a building material helps in conserving forest resources this makes using steel a Green Building Solution. Further, when a steel building is taken down then the steel used in the building can be reused where as if a wooden building is taken down then the used wood almost always goes to trash.

When compared to wood, steel is a stronger and lighter building material which is also termite and fire proof. Additionally, steel has greater resistance against extreme weather conditions like hurricane, tornado and earthquake.

The engineering and design of light gauge steel trusses is not something which any engineer can do and should be left for trained professionals. At Custom Steel International we have state-of-the-art design, engineering and fabricating techniques which will ensure that your property is secure and efficient.

Our Team of experts include structural engineers, designers, and quality technicians. We supervise all the fabrication work and assemble all the structures and make sure that the whole process is well integrated. Finally, we take utmost care that steel structures and frames reaches the desired destination in timely manner.


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